Frawley Ranch Photography Workshop
Use of Photos, Distribution and Confidentiality

Please Note: The intent of this workshop is to develop and expand your photographic talents and inspire new ideas for your individual photographic projects. Please note that the photos taken at this workshop are intended for your private use only.

It is requested that the distribution of photos, original or modified in any media form, be not made public, posted on electronic media or sent to third parties without the express permission and written consent of the Elk Horn Properties or models used for the class. This is to include property, models or individuals that may be recognizable in any of the photographs. It is encouraged to share your photos with the other participants during the class.

In addition, any of your photos that you would like to donate to Elkhorn Properties for their use may be done through the Fassbender Collection, Richard Carlson or Jim Muchow. Proceeds from the class will benefit the conservation efforts of the Fassbender Photographic Collection.

Any photos that you would like to post, distribute or display, must be accompanied by a Material Release or a Model Release as applicable for each photo or series of photos. Photo Releases are available at the class. Special thanks to Elkhorn Properties for there generosity with use of the historic Frawley Ranch properties.


Fassbender Collection
150 Sherman Street
Deadwood, SD 57732 Email:
For additional information contact Richard Carlson: 605-941-1964

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